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These Terms and Conditions define the terms of use of by potential visitors or customers.

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SC 3dflip S.R.L, Cluj-Napoca, str Plevnei nr 162, nr. ORC J12 / 1725/2010, Fiscal Code RO 27592788, which manages the website, hereinafter referred to as “website” is, in accordance with GDPR, a personal data controller and is therefore responsible for processing them. For questions or requests regarding the exercise of the User’s rights regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us.

SC 3dflip S.R.L, Cluj-Napoca, str Plevnei nr 162, nr. ORC J12 / 1725/2010, Fiscal Code RO 27592788, (hereinafter referred to as 3dflip), will not transfer title to the software applications (3dflip solutions).

3dflip owns full and complete rights to the title and thus all copyright and patent rights. You may not redistribute, sell, decompile, disassemble the software in a manner that is perceptible to humans.

All information, products or applications contained in this site are the property of 3dflip, which reserves the right to change the content and / or structure of the site at any time and without prior notice

The entire content of the site is protected by copyright law, all rights reserved. All rights to the pages, content and presentation of the site are owned by 3dflip. It is forbidden to copy, modify, display, distribute, transmit, publish, market, license, create derivative works or use the content of the site for any purpose without the written confirmation of 3dflip.

3dflip uses service providers, respectively empowered according to art. 28 of the GDPR, such as: hosting service providers, providers of monitoring the activity of Users within the website or service providers for sending e-mails and SMS, telephone contact or communication of advertising and advertising campaigns. marketing. These may be external service providers. Through contractual regulations, 3dflip ensures that these service providers process personal data in accordance with European data protection legislation, in order to guarantee a high level of data protection, even if the personal data is transferred to a country where another level of data protection is commonly used and for which there is no decision of adequacy of the EU Commission. No other transfers of personal data to other recipients are made, unless 3dflip has this obligation by law. For more information on the proper protection of international data transfer, please contact us.


The content of the information refers to the description in a certain degree of detail of the activities, products and services of 3dflip. 3dflip makes no warranty as to:

  • avoiding improper use or interruption of use of the site;

  • failure to adversely affect other systems by using the site;

  • non-existence of viruses or other components that could harm users on the site.

Thus, 3dflip cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of its site.

All information presented on the site regarding 3dflip products, prices, information, marketing campaigns and promotions, technical aspects, are presented for information. Nothing in the content of the site can constitute a firm offer to contract and cannot engage the responsibility of 3dflip in the absence of further agreements.


The purpose of the site content is to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the applications, licenses and updates owned by 3dflip.

3dflip cannot guarantee that these pages do not contain errors, and ensures that it will make every effort to provide accurate information and remedy any errors.

Anyone wishing to purchase one of the services or products presented on the site is asked to contact 3dflip through one of the means displayed on the Contact page of the site, to find out both the availability of the service or product in question and contractual conditions, tariffs and technical or other information.


When you are asked for information through this site, it aims to identify you or the possibility of contacting you. This is all the more necessary when using the applications available on the site.

The nature of the information requested relates in particular to personal data (name, address, telephone numbers), e-mail address, how 3dflip products and / or services are used or intended to be used, but may also include other information in close connection with the use of the requested services and / or products.

In order to better meet the needs and questions of users of the site, the information requested through this site will be subject to electronic storage and processing.


3dflip processes personal data collected through forms within the website pages for the purpose of relations with Users and the support provided to them, as well as data collected for advertising and marketing purposes, data analysis, such as market research, surveys opinion, User analysis, segmentation and creation of the Users profile, in order to determine the User’s activity within the website. For the purposes mentioned above, the User’s data will be stored in the website database. This processing is based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, thesis 1, letter f), GDPR. 3dflip may contact the User for these purposes by e-mail, SMS, telephone, mail, Social Media or Google channels / tools.

Through the website, 3dflip processes data about the User’s behavior regarding the use of the website, including but not limited to session data, video recording session, browsing behavior, location data, demographic data, Internet Protocol address (IP address ), where available, the operating system, the browser type of the device. These are statistical data about the actions and navigation models of the visitors of the website do not identify any individual and are collected for the purpose of improving and personalizing the website and for the purpose of communication and marketing, including for behavioral advertising based on cookies. This processing is legitimately based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, letter a), b), c), f), GDPR.

The User’s personal data will be stored for up to 12 months from the moment of termination of the contractual relationship with 3dflip or at the User’s request, unless 3dflip has a legal obligation to further store personal data until the obligation ceases. legal. The storage and transfer of the personal data of the User to the public authorities for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation is legally based on Art. 6, paragraph 1, thesis 1, letter c), GDPR.


The methods by which site visitors initiate contact with us are: e-mail address, telephone number, forms present on the site.

This contact takes place to request information about our products, to request price offers, to consult our opinion on various topics, to benefit from our services, to facilitate the payment process. We consider the initiation of the contact by you to represent your consent to be answered back, to be provided with the information, to receive payment details or any requested information.

Following the initial communication, 3dflip S.R.L. establishes as a legitimate interest the possibility to transmit and communicate further information, relevant to your request, without having the character of a newsletter. This information may appear as a result of the improvement of our products, the launch of new products that come to your aid or aspects related to the topic discussed. The communication will be done through specialized mail applications and tools.

In this sense, 3dflip SRL has established a reasonable term of further processing of 12 months from the date of initiation of the communication.


This site may contain connections or links to other sites deemed useful by 3dflip in connection with the content of its site and which are not under its control or guidance. In the case of the use of these links or references, the general conditions of use corresponding to those sites will apply.

3dflip cannot guarantee / control the actuality / accuracy of the information present on the sites of third parties, to which reference is made from its site.


Anyone who visits and who provides personal data or information through this site expressly and unequivocally agrees to the processing of such data and personal information by 3dflip for the purpose of studies. market; transmission of promotional materials specific to direct marketing operations; solving by 3dflip the requests, questions and complaints addressed; as well as other activities undertaken by 3dflip and permitted by law, which are not subject to approval by the recipient.

3dflip will keep this information confidential.

Your continued use of this site constitutes your express and unequivocal consent in accordance with the GDPR directives for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

For any questions regarding the exercise of your rights regarding the use of the site and the protection of use, please contact us through the Contact section of the site.

User Rights

As a User you may contact us at any time and free of charge, with a notification, using the contact details mentioned above or using the contact section of the website, in order to exercise his rights, in accordance with GDPR. These rights are the following:

  1. The right to receive information on data processing and a copy of the processed data (right of access, Article 15 GDPR).
  2. The right to request the rectification of inaccurate data or the completion of incomplete data (right of access, art. 16 GDPR).
  3. The right to request the deletion of personal data and, if the personal data have been made public, the transmission of information on the request for deletion to other operators (right of deletion, Article 17 GDPR).
  4. The right to request a restriction on data processing (right to a restriction on processing, Article 18 GDPR).
  5. The right to receive personal data concerning the data subject in a structured, commonly used and mechanisable format and to request the transmission of such data to another controller (right to data portability, Article 20 GDPR).
  6. The right to oppose the processing of data with the intention of ceasing processing (right to object, Article 21 GDPR).
  7. The right to withdraw at any time from the consent given in order to stop a processing of data based on your consent. Withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent given before withdrawal (right to withdraw consent, Article 7 GDPR). Withdrawal of the consent regarding the processing of personal data necessary for the fulfillment of the contractual obligations and the observance of the rights resulting from the distance contract exonerates the Professional regarding the fulfillment of these obligations. At the same time, the withdrawal of the consent regarding the processing of personal data cannot take place regarding the observance of the legal obligations.
  8. The right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority if the User justifiably considers that the processing of personal data has been carried out by the Operator in violation of GDPR (right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, Article 77 GDPR).

The exercise of these rights regarding the processing of personal data cannot take place regarding the observance of the legal obligations of the Operator.

The user may use the tools provided to him, in the annex, to exercise his rights regarding the data to which these tools refer, including for expressing the options related to the collection and use of cookies.

Due to possible changes in legislation, a change in these data protection notifications may become necessary. In this case, 3dflip will inform the User of such changes. To the extent that the changes affect a processing that is based on the User’s consent, 3dflip will request a new consent, if necessary.


Data Processing Options:

  1. Cookies:
    Cookie settings can be managed directly by you through the way of expressing the agreement to collect and use the types of cookies during a User’s visit. In this module, displayed when you first access a page of the site, you can accept the collection and use of cookies or you can change your preferences individually. If, after expressing the options, you want to change them, you can use the link “Cookie Options”, displayed in the footer area of the site. Alternatively, cookie settings can be managed directly by you and through the browser you use, and you can choose to disable or reject them.
  2. Monitoring your visit through Google Analytics on the website:
    You have the option to use the tool developed by the Google platform to stop monitoring behavior in an online session: use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on accessible here:, as recommended Google.
  3. Facebook: You have the option to use the tool provided by the Facebook platform here: and use the instructions related to unsubscribing from your browser and device. Other information provided by the Facebook platform regarding online advertising based on Facebook’s interest categories is available here:

  4. Newsletters:
    You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of each newsletter or you can send us an email at:


  1. The use of the tools presented above will take effect from the moment of activating the options and will not produce retroactive effects.
  2. Deleting cookies, accessing a web page in incognito / private mode or using another browser after activating the options presented above, will allow you to resume monitoring your online sessions.

For other requests regarding the exercise of the rights of withdrawal of consent on data processing, cessation or restriction of data processing or deletion of personal data please contact us.