About us

We are a professional developing company with a continuously strive toward excellence in this fast forward era!

We are a reliable and a character partner, with over 10 years of experience, being known for maintaining long-term and trustworthy relationships by upholding our professional standard to the highest level required for successful partnerships.  

We are passionate in developing quality and reliable solutions for tomorrow’s issues starting today.  

Part of the team

Samuel Janzen

Process optimizer, system architect, team lead: With more than ten years experience in SaaS startup’s, agile development methods and international project teams Samuel enjoys to identify, design and develop new solutions.

Réka Deák

My goal is to deliver value to our customer base by providing excellence of service. I am responsible for on boarding, training sessions to new clients to ensure a good understanding of the delivered products and thereby increase success rate. I am here to help you through and beyond the development process by ensuring optimal maintenance and support.

Alexandru Mășcă

Fullstack developer with combined nine years of experience in different frameworks and programming languages with a desire to learn more about technologies that help us improve the quality of our products. While the main experience is front end related  I like to get involved in every step and part of software development to see and understand the whole picture and provide insightful feedback when needed.

Zsolt Vas

Fullstack developer, he is with us from the beginning of the company, reliable and a great professional to work with. He is now the  one that manages most projects, making sure the structure and the functionality are in the optimal balance with the aesthetic design. He does wright code but also does the review for the code writen making sure the code is clean well documented and most of all well tuned to respond to his high demands. 

Suciu Petru

Our Back-end responsible, he makes sure that the developed code, the server-side applications, and databases,  when combined with the front-end codes, help create a functional, seamless experience for the end-user. He always studies the industry trends to create or improve back-end processes and codes. He is a team player, patient, he always put his expertise at work in explaining and helping to design a better and optimal end product.

Lung Daniel

I strongly believe that the successful business is about finding the win-win situations for all parties involved and creating that unique environment in which people can grow as individuals and in their relationships building strong teams. I am a father, a professing christian, with over 15 years of expertise in management and International relationships, striving in all the tasks to go above the needs and expectations, knowing that the key to success is happiness of people: both of our clients and of our employees, working to continually develop myself and our staff.

Values that defines us!

Professionalism is a value that each team member made it be a core value of our company.  We don’t just design and code, we build reliable, agile  and sustainable solutions for your company’s success. We are on a mission to build exclusive, on-demand products and to deliver high-end quality development services. For this we are always in a learning process always to be able to use the latest technologies to be able to deliver today solutions for tomorrow’s problems!

Character means to live the truth and apply it in all the relationships we have!

Character means transparency, we are always opened and direct, we face the problems together not hiding them;

Character means responsibility, what we say and what we do is one and the same think and we take responsibility for both!

Character means a consistent and predictable way of treating each other with honesty, kindness and respect!

Character means integrity, our moral compass will not deviate!

Character means trustworthiness, and this is the business relationship we always strive to have and offer!

All the team is passionate,– not just to live up to company expectations, but also to each own high standards of personal achievement. We all get involved body and soul in each of the projects we work on, nothing can block our path, because of the pathos we face each task. For us there are no impossible things, just another chalenge to face and find the best way to solve it! Our work is already a proof…

Although the destination is always different, our values are and will remain the same.

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